Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Final day in Tanzania!

Badhi Tanzania!

This morning consisted of a quick wake up and a stressful clean up. We gave hugs and said emotional goodbyes to Happiness, Helena, the Fundis and all the children.

We began our 3hr drive to Shanga, an enterprise which employs people with disabilities to create incredible homeware and jewellery using recycled materials.

We had the most amazing lunch and stuffed ourselves till we couldn’t eat anymore.

We are about to leave to the airport and will arrive in London tomorrow.

Kwaheri everyone and thank you for always reading and commenting on the blog, we really appreciate it. Thank you from the whole Tan Tan squad.

P.S: Thank you Isi for getting me through the last 12 days. Love you from Nad

Monday, 16 July 2018

Last day in the village

Hello Globs 

We woke up to a dewy sunrise ready for a day of fulfilling activities. First we plastered the toilet block, which after a week of building is finally finished. Then we finished painting the two classrooms which look brand new; the artist began sketching our design (the world map) on our freshly painted walls. 

Then, hell froze over, the worst possible event happened: the toilet clogged. It took 3 different hoses, 4 people and a machete; but finally it was Mr Trouble who unclogged it. #notinTROUBLEanymore 

It was time for the leaving ceremony. It was full of speeches, singing, dancing and clapping! OMG we had to sing the cup song again... we were terrible but we all received a big applause. Also we all got certificates and gifts (apart from Iona but all good now). We had a massive lunch with the community, Fundis, and the G4G.

After feeling very satisfied with our Lunch, we had a dance with the Tanzanian gals and unfortunately had to say goodbye. We had very emotional goodbyes with the kids at the Managha primary school and with our partner girls. 

We had a final football match with the local kids while Mona, Leila and Maryam were chased by the cows into a bush of thornes. It was hilarious but we are all good (no worries). Bella made us her world famous guacamole with the help of Leah, which we demolished as our late night snack. Finally we sat down and reflected on our time here before getting ready to depart back home. 

Miss you all!!!! Thank you for all your amazing support!!!!!!

BEIDAS family- remember it’s a Wednesday morning pickup from Heathrow. 

Ahhh P.S: Happy birthday Jade, lots of love see you soon Leah xx (kisses to the fam) 

Isi I’m coming home and chanel seeing u before your flight so u better open the door. Love you so much. 
Miss u Shazzy please clear your Wednesday schedule for me - Nad

Sunday, 15 July 2018


Hey rafikis

Today we woke up bright and early because we were going on SAFARI!!!!!!! After shoving some cold mandazis into our tupperware we climbed aboard our trusty safari vehicles with the G4G girls. 

After a lengthy drive to Tarangire National Park we were raring to see some animals. What we saw: 
- zebras
- elephants
- giraffes 
- cheetahs 
- lions 
- monkeys with blue balls
- baboons
- antelopes
- gazelles
- impalas 
- dik diks 
- warthog 
- buffalo
- tortoise
- eagle
- hornbill
- guinea fowl
- ostriches
- wildebeest
- springbok
- butterflies
- tsetse flies
- ants
- beetles
- bees
- grass
- caterpillars
- dirt
- dust
- Masai men
- a wild Dr Lee

After a delicious pack lunch of carrot sandwiches and “no nots” for Trin, we continued our adventure (despite one ranger constantly getting lost).

When we got back, we took wet wipes to our faces and half the Sahara desert came off on them (don’t forget to clean your ears). 

Happy birthday Isi we love you!


P.S Hill and Martyrossian family are you coming to collect us from the airport?

Also (this is Leila) can you please make sure that my phone is in England when I get back and not Germany. Thank youu 

And also (this is Bella to Mimi) have fun on your first day at UCLA!!

And also also isi!!! My sister!! Have an amazing bday bunny I wish I could hug you. I miss your face. Love you so much from Nad

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Lake Babati and sharing with our Girls4Girls


We had a nice lie in the morning, having breakfast at 8:30. Today we headed over to Frederick’s school to do our final ‘Girls 4 Girls’ workshop. Where we had time to reflect on our previous workshops and wrote letters to ourselves which would be sent to us in three months time. 

We also made a wish tree which has been a highlight of the trip and was very beautiful to look at #positiveparachichisonly 

After this we had lunch with the girls before heading off to Lake Babati. Mona, Maryam, Leila and Miss Palframan enjoyed some questionable music played by the taxi driver on the way #bobmarley4life. 

At Lake Babati we made and exchanged friendship bracelets while sipping on our sodas. The views were beautiful but unfortunately there were no hippos to be seen #sadtimes. 

Updates on the cow: the mother is in distress due to not being able to reach the baby. The baby is alive and healthy and she is named Queen Ness aka Mona. 

Also here is a football update: Mona scored a goal, Trin took 3 balls to the chest and Maryam played with passion pushing anyone in her way!

Signing out, lots of love from the tan tan squad xxx

Friday, 13 July 2018


Vipi family and friends. 

Waking up this morning was extremely tough. Everyone was exhausted from the late night antics. After breakfast we walked to Frederick’s Sumayae School and finished yesterday’s work on building the toilet block. One of the Fundis showed us a Panzi - basically an enormous colourful grasshopper with wings. 

While Leila and Liv made some cement art, Lucy and Maryam went to the market. It was the last day going so they had to stock up for the next couple of days. They also picked up some trousers which Leah had fitted. 

After lunch we went on a walk through the forest dodging thorns, stepping over lines of hundreds of thousands of ants and avoiding the goats. We saw monkeys leaping from tree to tree which got us very excited for our Safari on Sunday. 

As usual, we had our 4th Girls For Girls workshop where we spoke about our special object and asked questions about each other’s cultures. Afterwards some of us watched a cow give birth. #casual 

P.S Happy Friday the 13th! 

Trin’s fam; have T’s ACT results come through yet?

Isia together soon love u brownie xx
And miss u Annie and Shasha.

Miriam can’t wait to speak to youuu!!! Have so much to tell you. Love you little Indian xxx

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Pilipili hohos

Good evening pilipili hohos (pepper’s)

This morning we all woke up early to do our chores before breakfast because we started work on the toilets at Fredericks Sumayae (the school where our Tanzanian partner girls are from) which is a short walk away. 

After a delicious breakfast of porridge (flavoured with dettol). We walked to their school with the fundis (builders) and started work. This was the first day we all worked together on a project which was “so rewarding” (Nadia) especially with the fundi’s music and our favourite song “sweat”. We also had a gymnastics competition with Idi, he won of course.

Meanwhile ... Trinity and Nad went to the market where they found crisps and ndizis (bananas).

After our Girls4Girls workshop in the afternoon Bella made guacamole (with local parachichis) and Leah helped. 

We also played football with some local boys including the cow man (who is nineteen #shookethtothecore #wethoughthewas13). 

Trinity managed to kick a girl in the face with a football (getting out the anger after England lost) she still managed to stay on the team though.

Love to everyone, the Tan Tan team

P.S Mumma please email the Avenue Cookery School and tell them I am in Tanzania in case they have emailed me. Also can you tell Ralf that I want to get Five Guys the day I get back. I love you all so much xxx

Isabella I’m half way and I can’t wait to come home and see u xx jimmy

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Community lunch


Today we managed to finish the toilet block for the Primary School and successfully paint a classroom. Mona and Iona went to the market, where Iona found a husband. Despite this, she refused to take a ride in his car. 

Soon after, the whole group walked to one of the Girls 4 Girls homes, where we were cooked a massive lunch with members of the community. This was incredibly lovely, and everyone agreed that the food was divine. 

Having eaten, everyone engaged in asking each other questions regarding cultural differences and gender equality. Moreover, the group walked to the school of the Tanzanian girls where we had a very intense game of netball. Ms Ward would be very impressed with the skills demonstrated, especially as Bella scored 6 goals!!!!!!!  

Kwaheri (bye)

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!!!! I Love you so much, love your favourite sister Xxx

Happy birthday Nash. I love u wife (only give mama/papa my phone the second before u go on the plane to Argentina) -N <3 LOVE U MY ISI CAKES AND SHAZZ